Information Technology Internship Training Program 2020

We are grateful that you are contemplating to do internship at Code Eagles. You have definitely made the right decision to get the best Information Technology Training

internship training

Code Eagles Internship Program will help you develop the technology, professional and interpersonal skills that will be valuable throughout you career. Using the best technologies in the industry, working on real and meaningful projects that have direct impact on businesses and customers.

The Internship Training has been scheduled to take two and half months. Students are expected to be around the company for a minimum of three hours in a day  and at least three day in week.

A Student is required to Pay eighty thousand uganda shillings for the training and five thousand shillings for registration (85,000/=)

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  • Present you introductory letter to the Office
  • Receive your acceptance letter, at paying 5,000/=. This is to help in the stationary like stamping, envelopes, acceptance letter etc. You are required to pay 80,000/= which can be done during internship. It is for purchasing components & Tools that you will use for practicals like PCB, RJ45, Multimeters, Batteries, Data etc.
  • Report to the company in the time which is scheduled for you and to the department of placement.
  • Sign in: Record your attendance / Arrival at the receptionist or office in the daily attendance book.
  • Listen to, implement and do what the instructor/field supervisor tells you to do. Especially if its ethical else report to the managing director or Uganda Police Force or any organization or party that you think will help you.
  • Fill in the activities done at the company in your log book and forward it to field supervisor for signing and stamping.
  • Sign out: Please do not forgot to sign out else you will be reliable for anything that happens after your departure.
  • Do step 4 to step 6 until your internship period is done.
  • Prior to the end of internship period, you are asked to call your academic supervisor (Supervisor from school usually¬† lecturers) to come and assess you.
  • Start writing your internship report.
  • Request for your Recommendation letter and certificate.
  • Submit your report for review and stamping.


Starts on 1st/June/2020
Ends 07th/August/2020

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 12:00pm


  • 99% Practical
  • Free Software
  • Real Projects
  • Study in small groups


Any student in the I.T. Field:
Computer Science, Business Computing, information technology, information systems, software engineering, computer repair and maintenance, graphics designing, Interested Person etc

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